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London busdriver chokes woman who filmed bus running red light

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​A London tour bus driver has been fired after she allegedly attacked and choked a woman on Tuesday evening.

Video footage shows the driver get off the bus after she saw that the woman, 27, had filmed the bus allegedly running a red light.

She then tackled her violently.

The woman can be hear shouting: "Let go of me. You have to let go of me."



With the bus parked in the middle of the street, the driver continued choking her even after passers by tried to intervene.

The driver shouted at anyone trying to help the woman: "Don't touch me."

After the victim collapsed, the driver boarded the bus and drove off.

One witness said: "The driver was stood over her like Muhammad Ali and started arguing with the people who came to help.

"Then she turned around, got back on the bus and drove away. I was stunned. The poor woman was just lying there, crying and in shock for about ten minutes."

The driver who worked for Golden Tours has been sacked, the tour operating company confirmed.

A spokesman for the company said: "We are aware of this. We had CCTV cameras on our vehicles and have viewed the footage. She was an agency driver and her contract was terminated straight away when it was brought to our attention."

He added: "We are shocked and appalled by the incident."

Police are investigating the incident.

Source: Metro, Evening Standard, Daily Mail

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