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Macaque's hand allegedly blown up by firecracker

This article is more than 12 months old

A photograph of a Malaysian macaque with its left paw severly damaged has caused outrage among netizens from across the Causeway.

The monkey was allegedly damaged by handling a firecracker.

The Star Online reported that Facebook user Shah Mikail posted the photo of the simian with its hand split between the index and middle finger on Friday, saying it had picked up the explosive thinking it was food before it went off.

A photo of a macaque that allegedly had its hand blown up by a firecracker has draw widespread condemnation of the act.

Expressing his anger, Shah wrote: "How is it going to find food, climb trees?"

He later posted an update on Saturday saying the macaque had died.

According to blog Siakapeli, the animal had been hit by a car and died from internal injuries despite being sent to a vet.

While the blog said the incident took place in the Ampang district of Selangor although The Star could not determine the veracity of the report or the photo. However, Siakapeli obtained separate photos of what appears to be the same macaque from Twitter account ZoologiMY – which published the originals uncensored – with the same injury.

Nevertheless, the graphic photo drew an angry reaction from Malaysians, with some demanding action be taken.

Mr S.M. Mohamad Idris, president of environmental group Sahabat Alam Malaysia, said: "The perpetrators should be charged. A deterrent sentence is a must. Animals should be accorded humane treatment.

"They must be protected."

Source: The Star Online, Siakapeli (link contains some graphic photos)