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Man, 32, escapes from burning Maserati in M'sia

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A 32-year-old businessman in Malaysia cheated death when he escaped through the rear window of his Maserati when it crashed and caught fire.

The incident happened on Tuesday morning (May 5) in Petaling Jaya, The Star Online reported.

His Maserati Quattroporte crashed into a side railing on an elevated portion of the Sprint Highway and burst into flames before plunging to the road below.

Selangor Fire and Rescue department director Othman Abdullah said a team of six fire fighters were deployed to the scene early Tuesday morning.

The team reached the scene five minutes later, but the car was completely destroyed in the fire.

It is believed that the driver first tried to open the front door, but failed.

So he managed to escape through the rear window just before the car fell onto the road below.

Source: The Star Online

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