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Man bites off part of girlfriend's ear during argument

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A lovers' quarrel in China turned nasty when the boyfriend bit off a chunk of his girlfriend's ear, taking a leaf out of the books of boxer Mike Tyson and footballer Luis Suarez.

The bizarre incident happened on May 5 in the province of Shandong.

The victim, Ms Chen, told reporters she had met her boyfriend, Mr Wu, through a mutual friend.

Both of them are divorcees.

Ms Chen said her boyfriend took her belongings and told others that the items belonged to him. He even collected her salary of 900 yuan (S$190) on her behalf without informing her.

Because of his actions, she decided to break up with him.

When the couple met on May 5 to talk about their relationship, he ordered her to get into his truck. But Ms Chen refused, thinking she would be safer out on the road in broad daylight.

When she did not comply with his order, he grew angry, she claimed.

She told reporters: "He grabbed me, bit my ear and ate it. Then he tried to bite my other ear. But he didn't manage to and bit my face instead. He also choked my neck."

Ms Chen said Mr Wu bit off part of her left ear. PHOTO: SINA

He then fled the scene on foot.

When Ms Chen's mother arrived at the scene and saw her injured daughter, she flew into a rage and smashed the windows of Mr Wu's truck with a rock.

The furious mother told reporters: "Yes, I smashed the truck."

She added: "My daughter is in this state. If I did not smash his truck, how would I have appeased my anger?"


Mr Wu did not return to claim his truck.

Sources: Sina, Shanghaiist

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