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Man busts prostitution ring daughter was in

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A father from Shenzhen, China, was heartbroken when he found the unthinkable on his 13-year-old daughter's cellphone.

Messages from a chat that the girl had with a 18-year-old girl showed that she was discussing how much to charge her client for sex.

According to The Shanghaiist, the horrified father, known only as Mr Gong, then devised a plan to bring to justice the criminals who had lured his daughter, Xiaoqing, into their ring of vice.

He told Chinese reporters that he had become suspicious of his daughter's whereabouts five months ago.

Said Mr Gong: "She became easily irritated, often played hooky and stole money.

"Recently, she hadn't been coming home even after we call her."

After logging into Xiaoqing's instant messaging account last week, he saw the following WeChat messages between his daughter and Jin Yiwen: 

Jin: "He knows you charged 2,000RMB (S$446) to have sex with my boss, so I don't think he would be willing to pay you 3,000RMB (for your service).

Xiaoqing: "How much (should I charge then)?"

Jin: "You can charge 2,000RMB per night."

So Mr Gong used Xiaoqing's messaging account and arranged to meet Jin at the hotel.

The police who followed him there arrested Jin and the male ringleader.

The legal age to have sex in China is 14.

Thanks to the "sting operation" he set up, up to 10 girls from his daughter's school who had been similarly lured into prostitution were saved.

Some of these victims have since been returned home to their families.

Xiaoqing gave an insight as to why she wanted to be a prostitute.

She told reporters: "I was just bored. And the job is easy.

"After handing in some money to my boss, I could earn at least 200RMB each time.

"I had two clients a day. Sometimes, I get extra tips."

Source: The Shanghaiist,