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Man climbs building to rescue boy dangling from window grille

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A four-year-old boy got his head trapped in a window grille of a third-storey flat in China's Yixing city on Saturday afternoon (July 4).

Neighbours rushed to his unit and banged the door to alert his parents, but no one was at home.

So they set up a quilt to catch the boy if he fell, and called the police.

Mr Huang Wei heard the commotion and came out of his flat at a nearby block to investigate.

Upon seeing the child, the 44-year-old man took off his spectacles and shoes, borrowed a ladder and started climbing the building.

Mr Huang made his way onto the window grille of a second-storey flat, put his arm around the boy and started comforting him.

The boy's parents arrived home around seven minutes later.

Mr Huang pushed the boy upwards through the grille and the boy's father pulled the four-year-old back into the apartment.

Screen grab of Mr Huang Wei. PHOTO: JIANGSU TELEVISION

Mr Huang, who works at a cable factory, said it just so happened that he was off from work that day.

He said that before leaping into action, he assessed the situation and felt that the window grille would be able to support his weight.

"Whether I'm in my hometown or elsewhere, I will always try my best to help others," he said.

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