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Man forces mother to sit in car boot so son can lie down

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A man forced his mother to sit in the boot of his sport utility vehicle (SUV) during a family road trip across China.

Why couldn't she sit in the back seat? Because her grandson wanted to lie down and rest.

The man was travelling with his wife, his four-year-old son and his 60-year-old mother from Jiangxi province to Hubei province for a holiday.

The elderly woman said: "I was taking care of my four-year-old grandson along the way.

"However, the boy whined that the car was too narrow and he could not lie down to sleep.

"After hearing the complaint, my son asked me to sit in the car boot so his son could have enough space to rest."

As it was an SUV, that meant she had to sit in an L-shaped position facing one side of the car.

Police were shocked to find the woman seated in the boot during a routine car inspection at a road block.

The elderly woman begged the police officer not to take action against her son and even claimed it wasn't all that uncomfortable in there.

As if all that wasn't bad enough, the car they were in was actually a present from the elderly woman to her son.

She had bought the brand new vehicle earlier this year using her savings.

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