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Man keeps wife's body in ice coffin for five months

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He promised his dying wife that he would keep her with him even after she died.

And when she succumb​ed to leukemia last December, Mr Jiang Maode kept his promise.

The 53-year-old man from Sichuan forked out 10,000 yuan (S$2,200) for an ice coffin for her body, reported China Daily.

And for the past five months, he has kept the coffin in his bedroom.

International Business Times reported that Mr Jiang speaks to her body when he returns home every night and burns incense by her coffin.

Said Mr Jiang: "Just before she passed away I promised her that I would keep her at home.

"She couldn't bear to leave me and I could not bear to be separated from her.

"I promised her that I would keep her at home after she passed away and when she heard this she was very happy.

"When I come home I often speak to her for over an hour, talking about everything that had happened that day."

UK daily The Mirror reported that Mr Jiang was heartbroken when his wife, Madam Yang Huiqing, died. 

The couple, who have a son, were married for around 30 years. Madam Yang was diagnosed with the disease last July.

Mr Jiang plans to keep her body with him until he dies so that they can be buried together, reported Sichuan Newsnet.

Local authorities recently learnt of Mr Jiang's unusual method of keeping his wife by his side and are investigating the matter.

Funeral laws in China dictate that bodies can be kept for up to five days before they have to be cremated.

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