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Man killed woman, 82, because he thought she was 'Hitler back from the dead'

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A man stabbed and beheaded an 82-year-old woman in her garden during a 45-minute rampage at Nightingale Road in London.

Police had to taser 25-year-old Nicholas Salvador six times to stop him.

The incident happened at around 1pm on Sept 4 last year.

Salvador, an aspiring cage fighter, had been armed with a wooden pole and a large knife, prosecutors told a UK court on Monday (June 22).

The man, who lived three doors away from the victim Palmira Silva, first decapitated two cats belonging to the family he was staying with.

A prosecutor said: "The evidence suggests he thought they were demons."

'He was killing some sort of supernatural being'

Salvador then kicked down a neighbour's door before turning his attention to a car with two people from his host family in it.

After attacking the vehicle, he jumped over a wall into Mrs Silva's back garden and stabbed the elderly women repeatedly. He then cut off her head.

Salvador continued his rampage at another neighbour's house before he was subdued.

The man is not denying that he killed her. But he denies murder by reason of insanity.

The prosecutor said: "‘At the time he was killing Mrs Silva he thought he was killing some sort of supernatural being, he thought she was Hitler back from the dead or a demon in the form of an old lady."

The court was told that Salvador suffered paranoid delusions, and repeatedly said 'red is the colour' and 'I am the king' while police attempted to nab him.

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