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'Mopman' saves little girl from falling to her death

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Talk about a superhero act!

This 42-year-old from Shandong province in China is not Spider-Man but the way he clung to the outside of a building was definitely daring.

Mr Wang Baocheng from Weifang has been dubbed "Mopman" by netizens after a video showing him rescuing a little girl went viral.

On Aug 26, Mr Wang was startled to hear people shouting "someone save the girl".

When he looked outside his fourth-floor window, he saw a toddler whose head was stuck in the grills. Her body was dangling dangerously out of the window.

Mail Online reported that he unsuccessfully tried to break into the girl's house.

When that failed, he he took a mop, climbed out of his window and tried to steady the girl by placing the mop beneath her for support.


This would prevent the girl from suffocating because of her precarious position. neighbour held on to Mr Wang's leg so he would not fall off the ledge himself.

According to Mirror UK, Mr Wang supported the girl for 10 minutes until her parents came home and rescued her from the inside.

Mr Wang's neighbours and people staying in the opposite building filmed the video showing his bravery in action.

The girl, whose name and age was not revealed, was at home alone when she tried to climb out of the window.

She had fallen through the bars of the burglar grill that was installed outside the windows and tried to pull herself up but tired quickly. Her head, which had been wedged in between the grills, was the only thing that stopped her from plummeting down.

Huffington Post reported that the girl did not suffer from any major injuries.

Residents in his block have praised him for his courageous act, calling him "lifting brother".

Mr Wang told Chinese newspaper People's Daily:

"At the time, I only had one thing in mind: The longer I held on, the closer the child is to safety.

"It didn't matter what might happen to me."


When the People's Daily reporter interviewed Mr Wang, it was evident that Mr Wang's arm and leg had been injured from trying to support the girl.

He said the adrenalin rush helped him endure the ordeal.

It was only after the girl was saved that his whole body started shaking and he lost all strength.

He said:

"Actually my kids are young as well, so I can understand what any parent would go through if their kids were stuck in the same situation.

"We are not only parents, we are neighbours too."

Mr Wang also paid tribute to the other residents who had tried to help the girl.

When they saw her dangling outside the window, some people called the police while several tried to call the girl's parents.

Others called the locksmith in hopes of saving her.

WATCH: Mopman saves the day


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