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Mumbai to New Zealand: Man cycling 21,000km to raise awareness for the environment

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His first expedition on two wheels was only 120km.

Now he is on a journey which is considerably longer than that.

Indian national Mr Rajesh Khandekar, a grocery shop owner, is cycling 21,000km on his single gear bicycle to raise awareness for global warming.

“I used my cycling expeditions as a means to reach out to people I meet and educate them about environmental issues, in particular global warming,” he said. 

The 42-year-old is currently in Malaysia and he will be crossing into Singapore as part of his journey across Asia-Pacific,

Mr Khandekar began from his hometown of Thane, Mumbai, in November 2014, and cycled through Bangladesh, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand before crossing the border into Malaysia reported The Star Online.

He aims to end his trip in New Zealand by September. 

Mr Khandekar covers between 100km and 300km a day , a far cry from the 30km to 40km daily distance covered when he first started cycling in 1993, reported the Hindustan Times.

Though Mr Khandekar does not have anyone documenting his trip, he heads to the Indian embassy in each country to get a certificate of recognition.

Mr Khandekar said that during his journey, he noticed that people are not doing their part to save the environment.

"For instance, in Thailand and Vietnam, electricity is wasted regularly, unlike in Cambodia where electricity is only utilised at night," he told The Star Online.

His message to the world?

“I want people to understand the importance of riding bicycles. It is a pollution-free mode of transport and it also keeps you fit. My message to the world is simple – start riding bicycles,” he said.

Source: The Star Online, Hindustan Times

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