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NYPD takes 84 shots to subdue suspect

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It took the combined effort of six New York police officers and a total of 84 shots — of which only one found its target— to take down an armed robber on Friday (Sept 4).

After allegedly attempting to steal items from a car, suspect Jerrol Harris, 27, shot its owner, Mr Leon Faison, 52, in the arm and fled the scene.

Wounded, Mr Faison then made his way to the street, where he alerted police officers to the situation.

ABC 7 reported that Mr Faison told the officers that he had been shot and described his assailant's appearance.

Four officers tracked Harris down but Harris opened fire on them, leading to a massive firefight.

Harris was outnumbered yet he was not hit by a single one of the 52 shots unloaded by the officers and even managed to put a bullet in an unmarked police car.

After the exchange of bullets, Harris made a run for it but was soon spotted by another two officers. 

Another exchange of bullets ensued with 32 shots fired by the officers. Harris' luck had run out as one bullet found his calf.

Harris was later taken into custody.

During an interview with The New York Daily News, NYPD Deputy Commissioner Stephen Davis defended the officers and said that it is much more difficult to hit a moving target.

He said: “You have a running gun battle here. There are a lot of cops involved and it takes places in several different locations. It’s not as if everything was stationary.”

According to the police, Harris had been previously arrested for robbery, gun possession as well as drug possession. 

On Saturday (Sept 5), he was slapped with multiple counts of first-degree and second-degree attempted murder among other felony charges.

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