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Oh my, gored... for a selfie

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A Yellowstone National Park visitor was gored this week as she tried to snap a selfie with one of the park's famed bison (right).

This is the fifth attack on a tourist who ignored warnings to admire the mammals only from afar, officials said on Thursday.

The 43-year-old Mississippi woman and her daughter were standing with their back to a bison when it charged, on Tuesday.

She suffered minor injuries, said Yellowstone spokesman Amy Bartlett.

The millions of tourists who visit the park annually are warned when they enter Yellowstone to keep a distance of at least 22 metres from bison and to give even more berth to creatures such as grizzly bears, said Ms Bartlett.

The park's roughly 4,000 bison are generally uninterested in the activities of visitors, leading some tourists to incorrectly believe they are approachable, she said.

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