Paris 'love locks' will be removed from famous bridge

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​Some may see it as a blow for romance.

It is bad news for couples who insist that putting a padlock inscribed with your names on a Paris bridge is a surefire way to ensure your lasts forever.

They will have to find another way to keep their love alive.

Paris, also known as the City of Love, has finally put a stop to loved-up tourist couples hanging padlocks at the famous Pont Des Arts.

Plexiglass panels will soon replace the grills. And yes, existing locks will be removed too, said city officials.

The Pont Des Arts has up to 1 million locks attached to the railings.

The move comes after part of the bridge collapsed under the weight of the locks last year.

A statement by the city council said that the romantic tradition "has led to two big problems: significant damage to our heritage, and a risk to visitors' security."

Paris is not alone. Melbourne has also resorted to similar measures.

More than 20,000 locks were cut from the city's Southbank footbridge. 

Officials also cited concerns over safety as the weight of the locks was causing the safely barrier to sag.

A bar near the footbridge has offered to store the locks within its premises. 

And for the romantics worried about Paris' reputation for passion, there is hope.

Bruno Julliard, Paris' deputy mayor said: "We went to Paris to remain the capital of love and romance."

He also added that there would be new initiatives encouraging people to express their love in other ways. 

Vive l'amour?


Source: BBC, Mail Online