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Police in M’sia to use drones by end of the year

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Police in Malaysia will have another tool to fight crime — drones.

They will be used to improve surveillance in neighbourhoods as well as monitor rallies for criminal activities, Malay Mail Online reported.

The Inspector General of Police, Khalid Abu Bakar, said testing will start soon with small-sized drones.

The drones are expected to be used in Klang Valley before the year runs out, the IGP said on Thursday (Aug 13).

Each drone will be equipped with a camera interface capable of live-streaming videos back to the police base.

The drones will also have “biometric” scanners which will help identify those recorded on the cameras.


IGP Khalid did not specify if the police already have a biometrics database.

To begin with, there will be about four drones.

He said: “We will start using it for managing rallies, to record the activities of those who are involved in rallies.”

They will be also be used to monitor neighbourhood and housing areas.

Regarding the issue of privacy, IGP Khalid said: “That is why we will do a lot of training first. We have to licence it, look into laws, (preventive) standard operational procedures for that.”

Source: Malay Mail Online

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