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Referee pulls out gun on pitch during red-card dispute

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Tension was running high on the pitch.

Brazilian referee Gabriel Murta was allegedly being kicked and slapped by players from Amantes de Bola.

The football club's manager had invaded the pitch, allegedly demanding that a red card be issued.

It was a chaotic scene, but nothing new in the world of football. That is, until the referee pulled out a gun.

Murta, a policeman, reacted to the dispute by racing to the dressing room and returning with his weapon, reported The Telegraph.

He charged at a player who had allegedly assaulted him, causing the player to turn tail and run off the pitch.



Murta was seen gesturing furiously as a linesman tried to restrain him.



The incident happened over the weekend during a regional league match between Amantes de Bola and Brumadinho in Brazil’s Brumadinho municipality.

Murta is now facing disciplinary action. He has to undergo a psychological assessment and faces a lengthy suspension or a permanent ban, reported SportsJoe.

Referees’ association boss Giuliano Bozzano said Murta felt threatened and went to look for the weapon to defend himself, reported Mirror.

He said: "What’s happened is obviously not a common occurrence and I don’t want to rush into anything.

"At the moment it happened, he’s opted for getting his gun because in his view, it was a question of controlling a situation."



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