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Refugees welcomed into Germany like war heroes

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Austria and Germany opened their doors to Syrian, Iraqi and Afghan refugees fleeing war, on Saturday (Sept 5).

Metro UK reported that thousands more refugees arrived in these two countries on Sunday (Sept 6).

According to NBC News, many Germans welcomed these refugees with open arms with some even employing a convoy of around 140 cars and vans filled with food and water to provide nourishment for them. 

Migrants are welcomed by locals after their arrival at the main railway station in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, on Saturday. PHOTO: AFP

Telegraph UK reported that the estimated 10,000 migrants were received with spontaneous rounds of applause and songs, sweets, pastries and toys, on station platforms across the country.

A refugee cries as he arrives at the main station in Dortmund, Germany, on Sunday. Pope Francis called on every Catholic parish in Europe to take in a refugee family. PHOTO: AFP

Helpers at the main train station in Frankfurt formed human chains to pass bags of food, clothing and toiletries to the exhausted people, whom they welcomed with banners and balloons.

A placard reading "Welcome to Germany" is fixed at a wall at the main station in Dortmund, western Germany, on Sunday where refugees who were stuck in Hungary arrived in droves. PHOTO: AFP

Many of these Syrians had trudged the arduous journey from Budapest to the Austrian border and then into Berlin, Germany. 

When they arrived in Berlin, onlookers apparently welcomed them like they were heroes who had returned from the war.

The chant that erupted?

"Say it loud, say it clear, refugees are welcome here."

The Germans also brought toys for the exhausted children who had crossed the border.

A young girls holds a soft toy she received at the registration point for migrant arrivals at the main station in Munich, Germany on Saturday. PHOTO: REUTERS

But the question remains.

Should the other European countries also open their doors to these Middle Eastern refugees?

Germany has said that it expects 800,000 refugees and migrants this year.

The European Union is divided on how to handle this refugee situation, which is the biggest refugee crisis since World War II.

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Source: Metro UK, Telegraph UK, NBC News 

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