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She picked her prey by their watches

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US teen nabbed for drugging, robbing rich men

A US teenager from New Jersey has been preying on wealthy men in New York's bars, drugging them and stealing their expensive watches and cash.

Prosecutors said Alexandra Martinez, 19, who was arrested on Monday, chose her victims based on the value of their watches, NY Post reported.

She and her girlfriend had targeted at least five men in Brooklyn and Manhattan for a total haul of US$58,000 (S$81,400) in cash and pricey watches, sources said.


"They typically meet the male victims at clubs or restaurants. The victims are usually wearing Rolex watches," prosecutor Wilfredo Cotto said.

Martinez allegedly laced her victims' cocktails with drugs.

She was charged on Wednesday in Brooklyn Criminal Court on grand larceny charges for two of the thefts.

Martinez and a girlfriend picked up Mr Ron Zoldan - whose father founded the country's largest pyrotechnics retailer - at a bar in August.

They then went back to the 25-year-old's Ritz-Carlton room, the NY Post reported.

The women waited until he had fallen asleep and made off with his Rolex, two iPhones, some designer sunglasses and cash, said sources.

In another incident, Martinez and a friend met Mr Vincent Theurer Jr, 24, the son of the president of an oil company, at an upscale pizzeria in early September.

After going back to Mr Theurer's apartment, the women allegedly stole $4,500 and watches worth $38,500 when they knocked him out by drugging his cocktail.

Another victim, Mr Jared Siemens, a manager at a seafood restaurant, told police he took Martinez back to his apartment in early July.

However, she disappeared at around 4am after swiping the 32-year-old's US$3,000 Rolex off a counter while he was in the bathroom.

Martinez was later released on a US$50,000 bond.

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