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She writes more than 50 love letters to convict boyfriend, asking him to marry her

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Much like the old song goes, she stood by her man.

When her boyfriend was arrested late last year, she did not break up with him.

Instead, the 23-year-old Chinese woman began writing to him, saying she would wait for him and that she wanted to marry him.

After more than 50 love letters to him, the man finally agreed to tie the knot.

The couple were married in Mianzhu City Detention Centre on Thursday afternoon (July 2).

The woman, Xiao Qing, and the man, Xiao Zhong, met in 2009 through a friend. 

Though her parents were against the relationship, she did not break up with him.

In 2010, they conducted a wedding dinner, but did not register their marriage as Xiao Qing was still a teenager and below the minimum legal age for marriage.

The couple later had a daughter.

Xiao Zhong was arrested in the second half of last year. (It was not reported in local media what he was nabbed for.)

He said: "She wrote in her letters that she wanted me to change and that she would take care of the household. 

"She also said she would wait for me to be released and that she wanted to marry me."

Why did it take so many letters to convince him to marry her? Because he felt she would have a better future without him.

It was his corrections officer who changed his mind.

The officer told him that most women in these situations would have left him long ago. 

His girlfriend, however, has remained devoted, said the officer. He should accept her and give her warmth and support.

Xiao Qing said: "I hope that after this, he will change and become a new person.

"I will take care of our daughter and the household, and wait at home for him to be reunited with us."

The woman wept tears of joy as she and her boyfriend said their wedding vows.

After a hug between the couple, the man was led away by officers, leaving the woman devastated and in tears.

It is still not known how long he will have to stay at the detention centre.

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