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Shirley Yeung damages corneas from wearing contacts for more than 20 hours straight

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When Shirley Yeung made a recent appearance at a promotional event wearing sunglasses and an eye-patch over her left eye, it sparked speculation that she had been physically abused.

But the Hong Kong actress set the record straight by telling Hong Kong media that she had damaged her corneas because she had been too caught up with her busy work schedule.

Jaynestars and Asian Pop News reported that she said that her eyes had dehydrated after she wore her contact lenses for more than 20 hours straight in one day.

Said Yeung, 36: "This has happened a few times but this is the most serious incident.

"It hurts so much, as if someone is piercing my eyeball with a knife.

"I didn’t have the time to immediately remove the lens when working and only had the chance to remove it when I got home.

"The lens felt like it was stuck to my eyeball and it took me nearly 15 minutes before I finally removed it. Something felt wrong and I couldn’t sleep, so I quickly went to the hospital.” 

The reason why she hasn't had corrective laser eye surgery thus far is because she's scared of the risks.

But she's now considering it as her mother has urged her to get the surgery since her recent eye scare.


Yeung said that her daughter was also extremely concerned about her after seeing that she could only see out of one eye.

"She did ask why I only had one eye left.

"As I often stopped her from rubbing her eyes, I took the opportunity to discourage her even further by telling her that my eye was injured due to excessive rubbing.

"She was quite worried as this was the first time I had problems with my vision (that lasted) for nearly two days," said the actress. 

Yeung said that the pain was so intense that she couldn't open both eyes.

Whenever she tried to open her right eye, her left eye would also hurt.

She added that she would be taking a break from work for two weeks as now there are two things that she won't be wearing during this period of healing — contact lenses and make-up.

Source: Jaynestars, Asian Pop News

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