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Singaporeans did not have a chance to see the Supermoon. But check out these photos instead

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Singaporeans missed out on the much talked about Supermoon that was visible from the American, European, African, West Asian and the east Pacific continents.

The supermoon and lunar eclipse combined for the first time in decades, showing the moon basking in a beautiful blood-red light.

And of course, people armed with their smartphones were all ready to snap spectacular photos.

The resulting supermoon, which is the time when the moon is nearest to earth, ended up appearing 30 per cent brighter and 14 per cent larger than when the moon is furthest away, according to AFP.

So what happened during the eclipse?

The Earth basically took a position in a straight line between the moon and the sun, blotting out the direct sunlight that makes the moon glow in a whitish-yellow colour.

But the light creeping in around Earth's edges - combined with it being filtered through the atmosphere, cast an eerie red light that creates the blood moon.

So, no need for an Instagram filter!

For people younger than 33, this was their first-ever chance to see a “super blood moon”.

The last such occurrence, only the fifth recorded since 1900, was in 1982, according to the Nasa space agency. And the next will not be until 2033.

These are some of the more beautiful photos of the supermoon.

1. Koekelberg Basilica, Brussels, Belgium

2. Paris, France


3. Frankfurt, Germany

4. Hamburg, Germany

5. Warsaw, Poland

6. Bern, Switzerland

7. Illinois, USA

8. London, United Kingdom

Source: AFP

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