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Sinkhole swallows 5 at bus stop in China

This article is more than 12 months old

Four people were injured when a sinkhole suddenly opened up and swallowed five commuters at a bus stop in the north-eastern Chinese city of Harbin.

CCTV footage from last Saturday showed commuters standing and walking when the ground suddenly opened up, reported ABC News.

Three people fell straight into the hole, with one woman clinging on to the pipes just underneath the sidewalk.

Another was standing on the edge, nearly falling sideways into the hole.

The hole was reportedly two metres deep and appeared on the pavement on Guxiang Avenue in the city.

The sinkhole also swallowed the bus sign, reported local station, Heilongjiang Television station.


Bystanders immediately rushed to pull the five victims out and called emergency services.

The authorities are investigating reasons for the collapse, which may have been caused after heavy rain leaked into the drain pipe under the bus stop, the station reported.

The hole was quickly fixed, the station added.

The sudden collapse of the pavement was filmed by a surveillance camera from a nearby noodle shop, reported Sky News.