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Teen falls 30m off cliff, gets bitten by venomous snake while climbing up

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Misfortune comes in droves.

A UK teenager fell off a cliff and fractured his pelvis. While trying to climb to safety, he was bitten by a venomous snake.

Brock Leach, 14, and his brother Josh Leach, 16, were heading to the sea for a swim when Brock slipped and fell off a cliff in Cornwall.

Swollen arm

Fortunately, he landed on a ledge about 30m below.

Brock fractured his pelvis and was severely bruised, reported Mirror. 

He tried to climb back up the cliff as the tide was rising. But as he reached for some rocks, he was bitten by an adder, the only venomous snake native to Britain.

His arm swelled to three times its normal size and he was unable to climb further, reported Metro.

'In pain'

Josh, who had climbed down to help his brother, scaled back up the cliff to get help.

Said Josh: "Brock was already in pain from his pelvis. But his hand started swelling up. He said it was hurting him.

"I had to leave him at a ledge and said to stay there, but he wanted to go with me.

"With help from passers-by, we managed to get him up to the top of the cliff and then Brock was flown to hospital."

'He didn’t panic'

The boys' mother, Tracey, said: "They were both very, very scared. Josh saw his brother disappear and heard him scream as he went over the ledge. He didn’t panic.

"He scrambled down and he made sure he told the people who came to help that it was an adder bite.

"It could have been a lot worse."

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