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They risk lives to save elderly man on train tracks

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Their brave act saved an elderly man's life and led to people in Korea lauding them as heroes.

The senior citizen had fallen on the train tracks on Tuesday (June 2).

In his drunk state, he had mistaken the platform at Ssangchon Station in Ssangchon-dongSeo-Gu, for the exit.

He stumbled and fell 1m onto the tracks, leaving bystanders in a state of panic.

Allkpop and MBC News reported that three young men who witnessed the incident leapt to the rescue: Two of them jumped onto the tracks and lifted the old man up - while the third stayed on the platform to help pull the senior to safety.

The crowd cheered the trio on as they struggled for some time.

One man (above left) even managed to retrieve the old man's hat for him.

The senior was rushed to the hospital after the dramatic rescue.

Thankfully, he wasn't badly hurt.

The rescue video has since gone viral.

Some netizens were especially touched at the scene featured at 1:11 of the footage, which shows a rescuer carrying the old man (pictured below) to seek medical help.

And guess what many Koreans want now?

They're hoping for two of the heroes to contact the authorities - so they will be rewarded with free subway use for the rest of their lives.

The rescuer identified so far had left his name and contact information after the incident.

He is military officer Lee Ji Hyuk, 23.


WATCH: Three brave men save elderly man from train tracks

Sources: Allkpop, MBC News

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