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Tianjin blast firefighter wakes up after 40-day coma

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A Chinese firefighter, who slipped into a coma after being seriously injured in the worst industrial disaster at Tianjin port, has come around 40 days after the incident

On Aug 13, Mr Zhang Chaofang, was already comatose when he was taken to the intensive care unit of Tianjin First Center Hospital, reported People's Daily.

After four graft operations, Zhang finally woke up on Sept 22 (Tuesday).

On Sept 17, his mother noticed tears when she called his name.

The next day, his hand moved, attempting to touch her face.

According to his doctor, Gao Hongmei, the 19-year-old had suffered extensive burns, traumatic brain injuries, respiratory failure, as well as kidney and liver damage.

Now Mr Zhang is recovering and able to speak.

According to India.com, about 170 people were killed in the Aug 12 incident, including 104 firemen, 11 police officers and 55 civilians.

Over 700 people were injured, many of them still undergoing treatment.

Worst accident

The series of blasts at Ruihai International Logistics warehouses storing hazardous chemicals was one of China’s worst industrial accidents in years, and has exposed lax enforcement of safety regulations. 

The warehouses were closer to homes than is allowed under safety regulations, and they were storing too much hazardous material.

Among the dangerous chemicals at the warehouses was 700 tonnes of sodium cyanide.

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