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Tianjin firefighter to friend: 'If I don’t come back, my dad is your dad'

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A text exchange between a firefighter at the scene of the Tianjin explosions and his friend has gone viral.

He is presumed to be one of the 1,000 firefighters who were dispatched to fight the blaze in the Chinese port city which was caused by two massive explosions that claimed 50 lives and left 701 wounded on Wednesday (Aug 12).

The explosions, which could be seen from space, originated from a warehouse that reportedly contained large quantities of the highly toxic chemical sodium cyanide.

The exchange — which could not be independently verified— took place on WeChat and has been making waves on Chinese social media.

A screenshot of the chat also appeared online.

In the conversation, the firefighter tells his friend that he does not know if he will make it out alive.

He tells his friend to look after his family if he doesn't return home.

"If I don’t come back, my father is your father," he says in the exchange.

"Remember to visit my mother’s grave."

The friend asks him to take care of himself.

Chinese state-run TV channel CCTVAmerica reported that the fireman survived.​

Sources: CCTV America, The Guardian


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