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Toddler falls to death after gust blows away bouncy castle

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A three-year-old girl died after falling from an inflatable castle which had been swept up into the air by a freak gale in a southern Chinese town, local authorities said.

The incident happened in Tianyang county in Guangxi last Thursday (June 4).

The girl was playing in the bouncy house outside a supermarket when a blast of wind blew the house up into the air.

The girl fell from the house and was seriously injured. 

She was rushed to hospital but died later.

Unverified surveillance footage of the incident shows a woman trying to hold down the bouncy house, but to no avail.

Mirror reported that the bouncy house had been fixed to the ground with wires and stones, and did not meet safety standards.

Mr Li Zhongji, an official with the county’s work safety administration, said the bouncy house was an unlicensed business.

Police are still investigating the cause of the accident.



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