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Toddler spends two days next to mum's dead body

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For two days, three-year-old Mason Martin was stuck in his home with his mother's dead body.

The toddler did not know she had died. He thought she was merely asleep.

When relatives came looking for his mother, Lydia Macdonald, on Wednesday (June 10), he shouted through the letterbox: "Please help me wake up my mummy."

Police were called to the flat in Scotland at around 8pm.

They broke down the door and found the 28-year-old woman's body.

A police officer told Daily Record: "Officers got the call to go around to the flat because the mum hadn’t been seen for a while. When they got there they discovered her body and found the little boy.

"They don’t know yet exactly when she died but the baby may have had to fend for himself for a few days."

'Same dirty nappy'

A neighbour said Ms Macdonald was seen alive and well on Saturday night (June 6). 

Mason's father died in 2012 and the grandparents are his next-of-kin.

Mirror quoted his grandfather Ron Macdonald, 67, as saying: "When we first saw him he was very pale and quiet.

"He had obviously worn the same dirty nappy for some time and he was very sore."

He added: "Mason has been told his mummy has died.

"The hospital told us it was very important that the word died was used and what that meant was explained to him.

"Who knows how much of that he took in but since it was explained to him he hasn't asked for his mummy any more."

A police spokesman said: "The death is being treated as unexplained, next of kin have been informed and inquiries are continuing."


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