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Tuition centre shames kids publicly over unpaid fees

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A tuition centre in Selangor allegedly posted banners of four children whose parents did not pay fees.

Major Chinese newspapers in Malaysia reported that the banners were spotted around Sungai Long and Cheras last Friday (Oct 2).

Parent Vinne Chin said she stopped sending her son to the centre in Kajang after five months as he was not improving academically and paid up after he left.

But the centre’s management claimed she did not settle her May payment.

The property agent, 39, told The Star:

 "I paid his fees on May 12. Suddenly in July, they called and said I did not pay.

"I was shocked and they resorted to humiliating my son by posting a banner in his school."

Ms Chin said she received a warning on Sept 12 in a text message in Mandarin stating that if she does not pay her tuition fees immediately, they will take drastic measures.

She added: "I saw a banner of the four kids including my son on Oct 3. We took it down immediately.”

The banner, captioned in Mandarin, read: "Owe tuition fees but refuse to pay up! Do they deserve such parents!"

A mother, known only as Ling, told Guang Ming Daily she learned about the incident after her friends alerted her that her son's picture was featured on the banners.

She admitted she owed the centre RM600 (S$195), adding that she had been facing financial difficulties.

Describing the banners as “too much”, she said she would settle the fees and demand an apology from the tuition centre, The Malaysian Insider reported.

Netizens decried the tuition centre's loanshark tactics.



Tuition Centre in Sungai Long operating like Ah Long.Shame on you.

Posted by Francis Gomes on Monday, October 5, 2015



Balakong assemblyman Eddie Ng said a girl did not want to go to school because she was afraid her friends would humiliate her over the banner. 

At a meeting with the parents this morning, he told them he felt the situation was unfair for the children:  

"I have spoken to the parents and I feel pity for their kids."

While he was not against any party in the dispute, Mr Ng said that if the centre does not respond in the next few days, police action would be taken.

He added: "I also hope that the parents do not take advantage of the situation because I am helping them with the issue of the banner.”

He also said that if the parents have not paid, they should make arrangements with the tuition centre to settle their dues quickly.

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