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UK pupils caught sexting and sending nude selfies

This article is more than 12 months old

Children in the UK as young as 11 have been caught sending raunchy text messages as well as nude selfies with their mobile phones, according to a warning issued by British police.

The Daily Record reported that a squad dedicated to child protection has been dealing with sexting cases involving primary school pupils and are warning parents to be extra vigilant if they have given their children their own phone.

Detective Chief Inspector Fil Capaldi, head of the Public Protection Unit at Renfrew Police Office in Scotland, said: “We have dealt with cases involving primary seven pupils.

"The second a child uses his or her mobile phone to send an inappropriate photo message, they lose control of it and goodness knows where that message could pop up in the future.

"Once you send an image to somebody, you have no idea what they will do with it.

"If you send an image to someone you don’t know, that person could be a predatory paedophile."

Sources: Daily Record via Mirror Online

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