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Uproar after a mother refuses to smash BMW's windows to save child

This article is more than 12 months old

Angry netizens have flooded Chinese social media platforms after reports that a mother refused to smash her luxurious BMW's windows to save her trapped child.

The Zhejiang Online first reported the incident earlier this week. Firefighters in coastal Zhejiang city Yiqu were alerted on Saturday (July 11) to a child being locked inside a BMW. His mother had left him alone in the car along with the keys.

The frightened three-year-old boy was found sitting in the driver's side, crying and palming the window.

He had already been trapped in the car for an hour, and a crowd had gathered to watch locksmiths try to open the door.

Firefighters wanted to break open the windows to save the child from the enclosed vehicle's heat, but his mother urged them to wait for the locksmiths.

Onlookers began to condemn the mother, and eventually the firefighters went ahead to smash the glass.

But even after the child was rescued, his mother remained a hot topic online, with China's twitter equivalent Weibo exploding with posts criticising her.

"This child is really unlucky," wrote one Weibo user. "No matter how expensive a car is it is still a material possession, The scary incident could have a lasting impact on the child." 

Source: Zhejiang Online, Weibo