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WATCH: Boy, 6, fights woman in supermart

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This video shows that it takes three people to get a brawl going in the supermarket.

Two women and a six-year-old boy were caught on camera trading punches, insults and swear words.

The adults were arguing inside a Walmart store in Indiana, US, last Thursday (June 4) when words turned to blows.

That prompted one woman to jump off her motorised scooter and knock her opponent into a nearby shampoo aisle.

Reports did not state what they were arguing about. From then on, the brawl became a sideshow for shoppers.


The boy, identified as a six-year-old, was heard shouting "Yeah, do something about it! What are you gonna do?" as he kicks and stomps on one woman while she was pinned to the ground.

Witnesses hovered around, wondering if they should intervene but ultimately left it to police officers instead.

One woman said off-camera: 

"I don't think you can touch them though because you will be involved in a lawsuit, the way s*** is these days." 


When the boy begins tossing bottles, kicking and even squeezing soap on the pinned woman's face, one woman scolds him.

He shouts back: "I'm not playing! You can't tell me to stop!"

A Walmart spokesperson said the store's management called police within about a minute of the brawl breaking out.

Officers showed up about eight minutes later.


WATCH: Shocking fight inside the supermarket


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