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WATCH: Sinkhole swallows entire construction site

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Two sinkholes in two days in the same area.

Videos of the second sinkhole which happened on Thursday (Aug 13) in Dongguan, China have gone viral.

According to Apple Daily via The Shanghaiist, a subway construction site suddenly collapsed and caused the giant sinkhole to open up.

The site had collapsed partially the day before and workers were trying to repair it.

But the damage was too deep and it finally collapsed, causing tremors that could be felt throughout the entire neighbourhood.

Buildings that were left standing hung precariously over the edge of the hole.

One worker who was underground at the time of the collapse was killed.

This is the fifth time that there has been a collapse in this same area in the past three years.

Telegraph UK reported that the construction team has filled the hole to prevent it from caving in further.

The plan for the subway site was to connect Dongguan to the neighbouring city of Huizhou.

WATCH: Sinkhole swallows construction site



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