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WATCH: Woman escapes being shot point blank after gunman's rifle jammed

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She found herself at the end of a gunman's rifle, but fortunately she was able to walk away to safety.

CCTV footage from inside an unnamed Parisian cafe showed how close one woman was to dying during last Friday's (Nov 13) horrific attacks by Islamic State militants in Paris.

In the video, the cafe's patrons and employees can be seen scrambling to find cover as the gunman sprayed bullets into the cafe.

A woman can be seen running into the cafe nursing her injured arm.

She hid behind the cafe's bar counter where she was comforted by a cafe employee who had also been hiding there.

At the corner of the cafe, a couple who were chatting at their table moments earlier, can be seen hugging each other while pressed against the corner wall of the cafe.

The attacker then walked towards the cafe's entrance, stopped in front of it and pointed his rifle to the ground at someone who had thrown herself on the ground after the initial gunfire.

Instead of firing his rifle, he turned and walked away from the scene.

Immediately after he walked off, a woman stood up from behind the door and ran away to safety.



The Daily Mail reported that the identity of the gunman in the video was 26-year-old Belgian born Salah Abdeslam.

He was one of eight attackers who was behind the deadly attacks in Paris last Friday.

A picture of Salah Adbeslam provided by Belgian police. PHOTO: AFP

His brother, 31-year-old Brahim Adbeslam  had died when he detonated his suicide vest outside another Parisian cafe, the Comptoir Voltaire, reported ABC news. 

Salah Abdeslam is believed to be currently on the run.

Neither he nor the alleged mastermind of the attack, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, were among those who were arrested during the raids that were conducted by French authorities on Wednesday (Nov 18) reported AFP.

Miraculously, despite the hail of bullets that hit the cafe, no one in the cafe was killed.

The Daily Mail however, reported that five people, including a man who had just arrived outside the cafe to collect his pizza, was killed.

The unidentified woman who was so close to death returned to the cafe the next day, reported the Daily Mail.

No doubt thankful that she had not fallen victim to the attacks.

Sources: Daily Mail, AFP, ABC News

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