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WATCH: Woman gives birth in car while rushing to hospital

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They couldn't make it to the hospital in time because baby could not wait to join the party.

Lesia and Jonathan Pettijohn were on their way to the Bay Area Birthing Center in Pasadena, Texas on Monday in their Toyota Sienna when their third child decided to make a grand entrance into the world — which was all caught on a GoPro camera by his dad.

The video, which was uploaded onto YouTube, begins with the Pettijohns 45 minutes into their journey as a very pregnant Lesia tries to control her breathing and keep herself calm.

However, the 22-year-old started screaming in pain as she had a contraction and before she knew it, her water broke.

After her husband helped her undo her seat belt and pull down her pants, Lesia made one last push and out popped healthy Josiah Benjamin weighing in at 4.5kg — all done while the car was still moving.

It is an incredibly smooth birth given the situation.

Speaking in an oddly calm, matter-of-fact tone as their newborn started crying, Jonathan proclaimed: "We had a baby!"

"It's a boy!" he added — the Pettijohns did not know the gender of their child until he was born — before asking his stunned wife for a high five.

At time of writing, 4.6 million people have watched Josiah enter the world.

You can watch the incredible video below, but be warned that some of the scenes are a bit graphic.

Maybe don't eat while watching.


Jonathan had the camera rolling as the couple wanted to film the birth, something which they had not done for their daughters Lily and Eowyn.

Later, Lesia told The Facts: "I was just thinking, ‘Well I have to push him out, he can’t stay halfway.

"(For our next baby) I think maybe at just the first contraction I’ll say 'Let's go.'

"I really love the birthing center where I go. I’d want it to be there, so I’ll have to figure out how the leave sooner.

"I don’t want that to happen again," she added with a laugh.

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