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Why did UK opposition party give out Percy Pig sweets?

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Here's how you say something about your rival without actually saying anything.

British Prime Minister David Cameron and leader of the rulling Conservative Party has been in the news when his feud with a former party treasurer came to the fore.

Lord Michael Ashcroft's unofficial biography of the British leader  — Call Me Dave —​ has been serialised in the Daily Mail and one part in particular has set the internet alight.

It is hinted at that while studying at Oxford, in order to join a university dining club, Mr Cameron had gone through a ritual initiation involving his anatomy and the mouth of a dead pig. The club was known for its excessive parties.

Daily Mail says that the story came to Lord Ashcroft through a contemporary of Mr Cameron who went on to become an MP.

Ashcroft claims that this contemporary claims that another member of the group has photographic evidence to prove that such an initiation happened.

The Labour Party, which has been in opposition since 2010, adopted the same official line as Downing Street by declining to comment on the alleged porcine interaction.

However, the opposition's press officers couldn't resist a dig at Mr Cameron when they handed out snacks to members of press.



Yep, those are the same Percy Pig sweets you can find at any Marks & Spencer outlet here in Singapore.

Apologies in advance if you never look at the cutesy little sweets the same way again.

Source: Twitter via i100

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