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Woman jumps into lake after husband refuses to buy her a bag. Guess what he does next

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A woman jumped into a lake when her husband refused to buy her a handbag and hit her.

The husband entered the waters soon after, but did not try to save her.

Instead, he choked her and tried to push her head under the water.

The incident played out in front of a crowd in Decheng district in China's Shandong province.

People's Daily Online reported on Monday (June 22) that the couple had been shopping together when the woman spotted a bag she liked.

The husband refused to buy the bag and the pair began fighting. The man then struck his wife. 

The upset woman, who is in her 30s, jumped into the lake.

'She might fall sick'

Onlookers called the police after failing to persuade the woman to get out of the waters.

One witness told police: "She has been in the waters for more than 20 minutes. It's been a long time. She might fall sick."

Officers threw her a life buoy, but the woman did not take it.

What was the husband doing? The furious man was repeatedly shouting at his wife to get onshore.

Pushed her head under water

Officers eventually persuaded the man to go into the lake to save his wife.

Police said: "The woman repeatedly resisted when officers approached her, but did not resist when her husband did so. Therefore, we decided to let the husband enter the lake and save her."

But the husband grabbed her neck with one hand and used his other hand to push her head under the water.

Officers immediately jumped in to save the choking woman.


Both the husband and wife were taken back to the station for questioning.

The woman claimed she was often physically abused at home and was under a lot of stress.

She said her husband hit her in public over the bag incident, and that because of that, she felt she did not want to live any more.

Police got the husband to apologise and promise not to hit her again.

Source: People's Daily Online