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3-year-old in China gets cake ‘order’ placed on toy phone

Making his three-year-old daughter Xiao Ai happy is a piece of cake for her father.

His loving act started when the girl in Zhejiang province in China placed an “order” for a strawberry cake on her toy phone. 

Xiao Ai had read about a “Happiness Cake Shop” in a Chinese comic book. 

Her father, identified as Mr Liu in news reports, then secretly contacted a bakery after hearing her order, asking it to include a card saying “From Happiness Cake Shop to Xiao Ai”. 

In a social media video posted on May 17, Mr Liu said he had a toy phone when he was a child.

He used it to share his secret wishes and worries. But he did not receive anything, except a response from the default song installed on the phone. 

The video also shows Xiao Ai’s shocked reaction when her father told her the cake she “ordered will arrive soon”. 

She is seen happily eating it in the video, even singing a birthday song, although it is not her birthday then. 

Mr Liu jokingly said that she has had “many birthdays” every year. Although she is only three, Xiao Ai has celebrated her birthday 60 times, said news reports. 

The cake order was just a way “to give his daughter a better childhood”, added Mr Liu, saying he wants to “protect her innocence”. 

The video has since been widely shared on social media, with viewers praising his kindness towards his daughter. 

One netizen commented: “Thank you dad for protecting the child-like innocence.” 

Another said: “Wow, this dad is so loving.” 

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