Afghans vent anger at government after latest Taleban attack

This article is more than 12 months old

MAZAR-I-SHARIF Afghanistan yesterday observed a national day of mourning after at least 100 soldiers were killed or wounded in a Taleban attack on a military base, prompting angry calls for ministers and army chiefs to resign.

The exact toll from Friday's assault in the northern province of Balkh remains unclear, with some local officials putting the number of dead as high as 130.

The assault is the deadliest by the Taleban on a military base.

Afghans vented their anger at the government for its inability to counter a series of brazen Taleban assaults, including a raid on the country's largest military hospital in Kabul in March that left dozens dead.

"Mothers lost their sons, sisters lost their brothers and wives lost their husbands. What is the government doing to prevent such atrocities, only condemning?" a user called Zabiullah posted on Facebook.

"The best way to honour them is to fire and punish those who failed to do their jobs and/or cooperated with the enemy. " said another user on Twitter.

Many called for the resignation of Defence Minister Abdullah Habibi and the commander of the 209th Corps stationed at the base. - AFP