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AirAsia chief slams KLIA2 operator for poor cleanliness

This article is more than 12 months old

PETALING JAYA : AirAsia chief Tony Fernandes has criticised Malaysia Airports Holdings (MAHB) for what appears to be a bee infestation after a beehive was spotted on a window at Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2).

"Now we have bees in KLIA2. We got maggots, rats and now bees. Maybe a zoo or KLIA 2 honey?" the AirAsia Group's chief executive officer tweeted on Monday night.

"Could be new income which could reduce airport tax. Jokes aside, this is dangerous for my passengers and my staff. Will the non-communicative new CEO solve this?"

Mr Fernandes posted a picture of what appears be a swarm of bees nesting on the facade of the KLIA2 building.

His criticism came in the wake of a complaint by an AirAsia employee on social media about a maggot-infested rubbish bin at the airport.

There had also been complaints about rat infestation at the airport after a rat was filmed running amok in a passenger lounge.

AirAsia and MAHB have been locked in a legal battle over higher passenger service charge of RM73 (S$24) imposed by the airport operator at KLIA2.

AirAsia has been collecting the previous rate of RM50 a person in protest, insisting that it is unfair that KLIA2 charges the same rate as KLIA when the latter is vastly better equipped than the other. - THE STAR