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Anwar's supporters may hold street protest if he's not PM by May

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KLANG: Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) president Anwar Ibrahim's supporters may consider taking to the streets if the veteran leader does not become Malaysian prime minister in May this year.

The pro-Anwar group called Otai Reformis 1998 said there should not be any more delays on the matter.

"The agreement was for Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad to be prime minister for two years," said the group's secretary, Mr Abdul Razak Ismail.

"This agreement must be honoured," he said, adding if there were more postponements, Dr Mahathir could reach a full term in office.

He said Otai Reformis 1998 was preparing a memorandum to be presented to Pakatan Harapan component parties during the presidential council meeting today, which both Dr Mahthir and Mr Anwar are expected to attend.

"The memorandum will ask for the earlier agreed time of May this year to be honoured. We will also ask them for a fixed date for the transition, which cannot be changed," he added.

Mr Abdul Razak said Otai Reformis 1998 also wants Dr Mahathir to sign a document saying when he will hand over the reins of leadership to Mr Anwar.

"We want something in black and white where he will clearly state the handover details," he said.


But Mr Anwar said yesterday that Dr Mahathir's stand has always been that he will step down after the Apec summit that Malaysia is hosting in November.

"In my discussion with the Prime Minister, it will be after Apec. So we will deal with this and I don't think anyone should be put under pressure - neither me nor Tun Dr Mahathir.

"And again, I reiterate that he (Dr Mahathir) should be given latitude because both of us and the Pakatan Harapan council have decided that the change would be smooth, peaceful and orderly, and we still continue to work as a team."

Opposition Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS) has said it will table a motion of confidence in Parliament to push for Dr Mahathir to complete a full term until the next general election.

There is also talk that PAS' plan is being supported by some MPs from both the Government and Opposition sides. - THE STAR