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Around 100 people lift bus to save woman, 76, trapped underneath

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In a display of community spirit, close to 100 passers-by worked together to save an elderly woman trapped under a bus.

It happened near a bus stop in China's Guangdong province on Thursday (June 11).

It is not known how the 76-year-old woman ended up under the driver's cabin area of the vehicle.

But her cries attracted the attention of passers-by, who rushed to her aid.

They initially tried to pull her out, but she was unable to move as her hair and clothing were stuck under the vehicle, reported Tencent.

A decision was quickly made to lift the bus to allow her to be freed.

More and more passers-by joined in the rescue effort, and it took about 15 minutes to lift the vehicle.

It created enough space for two people to crawl into the gap and rescue the elderly woman.

She suffered a head injury and a broken left hand.

Police investigations are ongoing.

The bus driver has been detained.

The event mirrors a similar incident in that happened in London on May 28 when around 100 rushed to lift a 12 ton double decker bus that had run over a unicyclist.

Sources:, Shanghaiist

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