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Aussie jailed for torture, rape of tourist

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Victim 'degraded and humiliated' for 6 weeks in Melbourne hotel room

An Australian man who repeatedly raped and abused a terrified Dutch tourist during a six-week ordeal, including carving a cross into her forehead, was sentenced to 17 years in jail yesterday.

Alfio Anthony Granata, 47, pleaded guilty to 14 charges, including multiple rapes, threats to kill and intentionally causing serious injury over a six-week period in 2012.

Victorian County Court Judge Frank Gucciardo said Granata's behaviour was "vile and repulsive" and had dehumanised his 21-year-old victim.

"The victim was in constant pain," he said. "She was degraded and humiliated."

An earlier hearing was told that Granata and his former partner Jennifer Peaston met the young bisexual backpacker at a party in Melbourne.

They became friends, having consensual sex while taking the drug ice, or crystal methamphetamine.

Granata later became obsessed that the two women were having sex behind his back and turned violent, threatening to kill the young woman if she left the hotel room where he and Peaston were staying.

He was accused of attacking her, with the help of Peaston, with objects including a rolling pin, a vacuum cleaner and a gas torch lighter in a pattern of escalating attacks.

On one occasion, Granata carved a cross into the victim's forehead, saying it meant she belonged to him and was "marked for death," reported The Melbourne Age.


In another bizarre ritual, Granata sealed the tourist's photograph, fingernail and hair clippings and blood in an envelope and poured hot wax over her body.

The harrowing ordeal culminated in the tourist stabbing Granata as he slept and then attempting to kill herself.

Granata and his girlfriend panicked and called emergency services, bringing an end to events that the judge said would scar the woman for life.

Police said Granata shot extensive video footage of the attacks and it had taken officers six months to sift through it all.

Chains, blindfolds and sex toys were also seized from the hotel room.

Earlier this year, Peaston avoided jail after pleading guilty to two charges of intentionally causing injury.

She was placed on a good behaviour bond after the court decided that she too had been a victim of sustained abuse.


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