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Aussie tourist gets 4 months' jail after drunken rampage in Bali

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DENPASAR: An Australian tourist who fly-kicked a motorcyclist and assaulted a man in his own home during a drunken rampage in Bali was jailed for four months yesterday.

The ruling came after Nicholas Carr's antics were caught in a viral video that saw him carry out a campaign of destruction in Seminyak, a popular tourist area in Bali.

"The defendant Nicholas Carr is found guilty and is sentenced to four months" in jail, Presiding Judge Soebandi, who goes by one name, told the Denpasar District Court.

A lawyer for Carr, charged with assault and property damage, said the 26-year-old would not appeal the ruling.

He is expected to be released next month because of time already served.

In August, Carr ran barefoot onto a street and shouted expletives before the apprentice builder slammed into the bonnet of a moving car and then fly-kicked an unsuspecting motorcycle rider.

The biker, who was thrown from the moving scooter, sustained minor injuries - the pair embraced in court as Carr apologised to the victim.

Carr also shattered a convenience store's glass door before stealing a motorcycle.

Later, he broke into a house where he assaulted the sleeping homeowner, leaving him with injuries, police said.

He was eventually caught by locals and police and taken to hospital.

Pictures that circulated on social media at the time showed Carr bloodied and bruised, and trussed with hosepipe and rope.

Shortly after his arrest, Carr apologised and admitted drinking more than 10 small bottles of vodka as well as other alcohol.

After a string of embarrassing incidents by tourists, Bali officials recently warned that boorish visitors may be kicked off the island, which attracts millions annually. - AFP