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Aussie woman tracks down sperm donor, marries him

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An Australian woman who had a child through in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) tracked down the anonymous sperm donor, fell in love with him and married him.

Ms Aminah Hart and Mr Scott Andersen met in 2013, a year after their daughter Leila was born.

Last week, Ms Hart, 46, released a new memoir on their love story titled How I Met Your Father.

A production company has even bought the rights to produce a feature film based on their story, reported

Ms Hart, who had lost two baby boys due to a genetic disorder that affects only sons, felt that an anonymous sperm donation and IVF was her last chance to have a healthy child.

She was delighted when she gave birth to a girl in 2012.

She then decided she wanted Leila's father to play a part in her life as she herself had grown up without one, after her parents split up.


So she set about tracking him down, reported UK's the Metro.

She made a formal request for contact and Mr Andersen, an Australian cattle farmer, told the fertility clinic he was willing to meet a child born from his sperm.

On Aug 18, 2013, about a year after their daughter was born, the couple met for the first time in Melbourne.

Ms Hart said: "It was much easier than I'd anticipated.

"I was nervous… I was walking in to meet a complete stranger and I had his genetic child in my arms."

The two gradually fell in love and in December last year, they exchanged vows on a beach. Mr Anderson is twice-divorced, said reports.

But Ms Hart said she would not "ever advocate (sperm donation) as a dating service".

She said: "What happened to Scott and (me) is such a random thing. He was basically just a brief profile on a piece of paper. He could have been anyone."

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