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Australian woman jailed in Abu Dhabi over Facebook post

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She had taken to Facebook to draw attention to another person's selfish act.

Australian Jodi Magi, who has been living in Abu Dhabi since 2012, took a picture of a car without disability stickers that she'd seen parked across two disability spaces outside her apartment block.

She posted the picture on Facebook in February. 

Someone in the apartment block reported her to the police and the case was heard in court last month.

Ms Magi was found guilty of "writing bad words on social media", fined and told that she may be deported.

Two days ago, when she went to see the authorities to pay the USD$3,600 ($4,900) fine that she was slapped with, she was arrested and is now in an Abu Dhabi jail.

She told Australian news network ABC from the back of a police vehicle prior to her arrest: "No one’s talking to me, no one’s telling me what’s going on.

“I’m pretty scared."


She also said that she was forced to sign Arabic documents that were not translated for her. 

ABC reported that Ms Magi was stumped about the charge because she had blacked out the number plate on the picture of the car.

Efforts to deport herself were in vain because the authorities told her that she couldn't leave Abu Dhabi on her own terms. 

It is not known how long Ms Magi will be held by Abu Dhabi authorities.

Of her charges, she said: "I have zero idea. I used the Internet.

"I’m putting my life in the hands of chaos ... I’m terrified."

Ms Magi said that the Australian embassy in Abu Dhabi had told her to seek the advice of a lawyer and has not provided any further assistance.

WATCH: Jodi Magi jailed for Facebook post



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