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Beware of African love scams in Malaysia

This article is more than 12 months old

Watch out for African "love scams'' when in Malaysia.

Commercial Crimes Investigation Department Commissioner Police Murtadza Nazarene told reporters that police have received reports from Interpol stating that Malaysia has become a hub for such scams.

Losses incurred from such "love scams'' in 2014 came up to RM$52 million (S$17m), reported the New Straits Times on Wednesday, quoting Mr Murtadza.

That figure then skyrocketed to RM199m last year.

Mr Murtadza added that the number of cases have also increased from 1,028 in 2014 to 1,521 cases last year.

The profile of victims has been fairly consistent - mostly single mothers, lonely women, housewives and working professionals.

Mr Murtadza said some local women even ended up as accomplices of the syndicate members.

In January, police "picked up 13 people including two local women", he said.