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British tank crushes woman learner driver's car

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A German teenager drove her car into the path of an oncoming convoy of tanks.

The driver of the lead tank, a 24-year-old British serviceman, was unable to stop the 62-tonne vehicle.

He did, however, manage to turn the tank so that it crushed the bonnet instead of the 18-year-old learner driver.

No one was injured in the incident, which took place on a road in the small German town of Augustdorf​.

The name of the road is Panzerringstrasse, which translates to Tank Ring Road. It is often used by military vehicles.

The damage to the car is estimated to be around €12,000 (S$18,000).

The tank driver is not being blamed for the accident.

A police spokesman said: "The soldier had no chance to slow down."

Sources: The Telegraph,, Sky News

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