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Burglar stays in house for days, puts photos of his 'good life' online

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He told friends he had made a killing on the stock market and that he was living a comfortable and luxurious life.

And to bolster that claim, he posted photos of himself in a villa in China's Nanjing city.

The only problem? The photos were taken in houses he had burgled.

Police said the man would break into a house and steal items.

If he thought the owner would not be returning soon, the burglar would treat the place as his home and even use the kitchen to whip up meals, reported Jiangsu City Channel.

It was while he was cooking that the owner of the first villa returned.

The man, whose surname is Wang, jumped out from the second storey and fled the place. In the process, he injured his hand.

But the burglar was undeterred.

Days later, he broke into another villa. This time, he even posted a photo of his injured hand next to a piano with the caption: "Broke my hand. Can't practise playing the piano."

The burglar did not even bother to clean up after himself, leaving rice in the rice cooker.

Police said he stole cash, mobile phones, two bottles of wine and a book.

He was arrested last month and is being detained on suspicion of burglary.

Police found the photos, which he shared with friends on messaging apps WeChat and QQ, on his mobile phone.

Source: Jiangsu City Channel

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