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Bus captain in Thailand faints after passenger brings durian on board

Durians are prohibited on Singapore's public transport, most notably because of their pungent, lingering aroma. 

The same rule applies in Thailand, and for one bus conductor there, a durian aboard the vehicle led to diabolical consequences. 

The female bus captain, Kussama Srisong, shared in a Facebook post on Sept 8 that she fainted after a passenger brought durians on board.

Turns out, she’s allergic to the thorny fruit. Thankfully, she has recovered from the incident.

In her post, Srisong said she told the passenger to alight the bus as soon as she noticed the durian in their possession. 

But it turned out to be too late. Srisong began feeling a "tightness in her chest” and “struggled to breathe" before fainting.

The turn of events obviously caused a major bus delay.

She wrote in her post: "When you bring durian on the bus, it's not just you who doesn't get to continue (the journey), many others have to return home late because of you."

She concluded her post by thanking the rescuers who took her to the hospital.

Srisong later explained to Bangkok newspaper Thairath why she had suffered such an adverse reaction.

"When a passenger brings durian on the bus, they may be told to alight immediately – but the smell would still remain," she said.

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